One of the Longest Running DJ Crews in the World is changing their name!

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(USA) March 12,2015 – One of the longest running DJ crews / DJ organizations in the music industry and the world, has decided to make some changes.

Known for years as Bumsquad DJz, the leaders of the squad decided it’s time to  revamp to make an even bigger impact in the industry.

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The Squad is now officially known as “THE MIX SYNDICATE”.  After years of discussion, “THE MIXSYNDICATE” is now more elite and its current reduced strengthened roster consists of Program  Directors, Music Directors, Mixshow DJs, On-Air DJs, Celebrity DJs, International DJs, Video Mixers and Club DJs. They continue to have top DJs/ VJs in over 20 countries.

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The founder of Bumsquad DJz, DJ Latin Prince (NYC), who DJs over the world, and has worked  for major record labels, has hand-picked long time members DJ Creativity (CA/TX) and DJ Bishop (NJ) to lead the crew to the next level. Creativity and Bishop have been appointed as President and Vice President respectively. DJ Karamel (NYC) will serve as the Executive Administrator. They  have also announced a new board of directors:, DJ Area 4 (AZ), DJ Bedtime (CA), DJ Chill Will  (MI), DJ Classic (CA), DJ E Wrek (CA), DJ Pheloneous (WA), DJ Sandman (FL), DJ  Syko (TX). Long time industry vet DJ Addition (MA/NH) who has also worked for record labels like Latin  Prince will now be the contact and liaison with the record labels across the country and DJ Tone  (CA) will now be the contact for marketing. DJ Ai-Va (Baltics / Scandinavia) will be the  International Liaison bridging the gap between the States and overseas countries including  Taiwan, Italy, Croatia, Belize, and more. Also helping out the staff will be members DJ Myster  (NYC), DJ Sergio Arviso (NV) and DJ Kev G (CT).

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Some of the elite members on the active roster besides the staff include:  DJ X Tina (NJ) that mixes on Top 40 radio station WRDW FM; DJ Erb (CA) who is MD at Top 40  Station KSEQ FM ; One of the biggest mixtape DJs of all time, DJ Rectangle (Las Vegas) former  DMC national champion; DJ Bizzy (Los Angeles) that does tons of Hollywood red carpet events  and major clubs all over the world; and DJ Res Q (France) that has been nominated for several  awards including International DJ of the Year, also from overseas there is DJ Mesta (Italy) who  continues to be one of the top remixers and producers in the crew from across the waters.

25% of “THE MIX SYNDICATE” is currently in the mix on Commercial Top 40/Rhythmic and Urban  radio.

As one member said “We are here to remind everyone we are not a record pool,a normal DJ crew, a squad with DJs who aren’t spinning anywhere……. We are here to enforce that everyone  of our members offers something to the music industry and to the world!”   Look out for the all new “THE MIX SYNDICATE” website and social media pages to go worldwide  as well this week.


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